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2015 World Crane and Transport Summit
2014 International Cranes and Transport Latin America
World of Concrete 2015

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they are...

requests of prices or information
towards suppliers classified by

how they work...

the requests are sent to all
the suppliers registered in
categories that the applicant selects
The requests
can be classified by region or country.


specially useful when it is not
known the supplier or the applicant
wanted to know new suppliers.
The easiest way
to know new products and
they are...

requests of prices or information
towards specific suppliers

how they work...

the applicant selects each one
of the suppliers that will receive
the request


it is possible to be used like one
B to B...tool save time
and money in printing...
save time filing documents.
all your information available without limit of time or space...
Enter the digital era
and saves time and money
what is it...

Get your own suppliers and costumers list
proveedores y clientes

how it works...

only between Construpages members


create your own directory within a global network
Generate a global contact network